I have spent most of my life trying to understand MOTHER NATURE and what is meant by TRUTH AND BEAUTY.

In 1981 my partner who had a PHD in mathematics from MIT and a PHD in business from Harvard University, bought me a book because of my intense interest in biology and the human form. The book is Structural Stability and Morphogenesis, by Rene Thom. In this book on page 99, in a footnote Rene Thom, it says: "biologically speaking males of all species are more fragile than females of all species". This was an epiphany for me. I have now spent that last twenty eight years trying to make sense of what I know and how all of this fits into my theories of MOTHER NATURE. My background as a photographer, both fashion and erotic, for the last 50 years has given me a unique perspective on the shapes of Mother Nature. See my credentials here...

I will attempt to argue that the more spherical a shape is the more it turns us on and that these geometric biological shapes, are what causes evolution as described by Darwin in his book on "SEXUAL SELECTION" Evolution has a brain and the shapes of the children that we produce are a manifestation of our brain. This can be measured and quantified and will tell you who you will be attracted to and why. My sites are successful because of my understanding of our biology. My dedication to art and my passionate desire to understand Mother Nature.

At the bottom of this page I will list most of the books and authors that I have used as stepping stones in my quest for Truth & Beauty.